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Brand New World

I work hard to integrate marketing and branding into my identity as a writer. In the process, I’ve lost part of what made me a good writer to begin with: my uninhibited love of storytelling.

What is my brand? Who is my audience? What do I represent?

These questions cloud my mind and bind my creativity. I know, it’s trite. It’s laughably stereotypical for a millennial woman who went to art school and dreamed of being a published author since age six; it’s the epitome of a first world problem. But it’s still a problem — especially when there’s so much turmoil and sadness in the world. Writing used to be my outlet; I filled ten journals throughout high school and my first two years of college, I’d scribble poems on coffee shop napkins and restaurant receipts.

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The Passion Problem

How millennial burnout became an ouroboros of psychic pain.

Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.      

Donald Trump

Millennials are now the largest workforce generation in the US. Statistically speaking, Gen-Y has outgrown its slacker stereotype. We’ve finally made it!

AND YET. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, this millennial-driven workforce is a bit of a clusterfuck. We’re entitled and hardworking; needy and independent. We’re devoted to our jobs, yet leaving them in droves. We don’t make any fucking sense. We’re stuck in a paradox of passion.